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Progress & Pride Fitness Apparel™


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About Progress & Pride Fitness Apparel

Progress & Pride was born out of the simple idea that you should look and feel incredible no matter where you are or what you are doing. At Progress & Pride we want you to look and feel like you just stepped out of a magazine. For Progress & Pride, we don’t just hit the gym hard, we hit life hard. Whether we are eating clean, competing and looking our absolute best, or lifting heavy sh*t, everything we do at Progress & Pride is an extension of our core beliefs – to look our best and feel unbelievable. If you are someone who embodies that lifestyle, who never settles to be “as good as” yesterday, who wants to get better every single day then our apparel is the perfect match for you. We are bodybuilders, hard works comes with the terrain, and we embody the lifestyle completely. We stand by every aspect of our brand, and know that when you put on Progress & Pride Fitness Apparel you will too. In such a competitive sport, it is the bonds you forge that are the most meaningful, and the Progress & Pride culture is all about keeping the brother and sisterhood of the struggle alive.